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Holden Historical Services uses factory-generated particulars to identify and document Holden vehicles. The information we use to generate our exclusive HHS Vehicle Production Report (VPR) for any and all Holden car products is sourced from the coding contained in the original Vehicle Master Listing Reporting data printouts. It is our experience that these are the most accurate and reliable source of history on a specific Holden enquiry.


The HHS archive contains other detailed recording methods including those of the predictive production aspect. Whilst these are extremely useful for many purposes, they are not as accurate as a complete picture on a Holden car for the intended service as provided on an HHS VPR.


Both paper and film mediums make up the HHS archives. There are no computer files existing in a digital form that can be instantly accessed by any such means for Holden vehicles built up to March 1980. In short, it is an entirely manual process where good lighting (along with lots of care) and a Microfiche reader are what is used to extract a Holden’s intimate details from the production records.


Like a lot of what is good in life, some things just can’t be rushed. It takes time to obtain the details of a specific request and to correctly decode the information stored. If a job is worth doing it is worth doing well. HHS prides itself on getting the facts right the first time.

The reporting printouts as produced by GM-H were on tractor-feed 15 x 11 ‘computer’ paper. ‘Fifteen by eleven’ is the common name for the paper that actually measures 14-7/8 inches wide. With a format of 132 characters across and 52 lines of useable space available on each page, vehicle particulars were coded in the most effective manner that enabled maximum information to be displayed.


HHS draws on more than four decades of working first hand in high-end computer environments to bring you the best possible result available at the time of your Holden enquiry.


Whilst nothing involving human input can ever be a totally 100% certainty, the information we provide is the best that is available from the factory-generated sources. In the vast majority of cases the information is 100% accurate and complete as far as the production history of a Holden car is concerned. In some cases, an occasional omission exists for a particular vehicle.

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