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MILESTONES 1960 - 1969

1960 May

FB Holden released. Engine capacity and power output increased to 138 ci and 75 hp.

1960 May

LHD Holdens released, increasing export potential.

1961 May

EK Holden released with optional automatic transmission.

1962 July

EJ Holden released with the luxury Premier sedan added.

1962 October 25

1,000,000th Holden produced.

1963 August

EH Holden released. Premier wagon added. Range of all-new engines available in 149 and 179 capacities. Range of rear axle ratios available - 3.36:1 and 3.55:1. Power steering available as a factory optional extra.

1963 September

First ‘performance’ Holden released - the EH S4. 179, manual, 3.55:1 axle, power brakes made for real excitement.

1963 October 6

S4 Holden finishes second in class and overall in Armstrong 500.

1965 February

HD Holden released with ‘space curve’ styling. 179 X2 engine producing 140 horsepower added to range. Powerglide automatic transmission replaces Hydra-Matic. Vinyl roof cover optional on Premier sedan.

1965 June

Ball joint front suspension replaces king pin design. Front wheel disc brakes optional on all models.

1965 October 14

1,500,000th Holden produced.

1966 April

HR Holden released with larger engines - 161 and 186 capacities. Power output on 186 X2 engine now 145 horsepower.

1966 May

Positraction rear axle (LSD) added to range.

1966 September

Safety upgrade to range. Seat belts for outboard front occupants, external rear view mirror amongst items now fitted as standard.

1967 March 20

100,000th export Holden produced.

1967 May

186S engine replaces X2. Automatic choke incorporated. Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) now on all engines. 4-speed manual all-synchromesh transmission (Opel) optional. HR-1746 ‘hot rod’ featured 186S, 4-speed, LSD, disc brakes.

1968 February

HK Holden released with optional imported V8 engine. Energy absorbing steering column and dual circuit brakes. All synchromesh 3-speed manual transmission optional. Options ‘game’ went into overdrive overnight. Premier sedan featured exclusive body with executive roofline. Standard, Special models replaced by Belmont, Kingswood. 2,000,000 possible build combinations with no two cars alike!

1968 April 1

First Monaro coupe completed.

1968 July

Australia’s first Musclecar, the Holden Monaro GTS 327 released. Monaro coupe range and super luxury Brougham model added. Available power train combinations now exceeds 20!

1968 September 15

GTS 327 wins 3-hour production car race at Sandown.

1968 October 6

GTS 327 wins Hardie-Ferodo 500, breaking all previous records.

1968 October 15

First Holden V8 engine # 253H1001 is started up.

1968 October 20

Norm Beechey in his Monaro GTS 327 wins on debut at Calder.

1969 March 3

2,000,000th Holden produced.

1969 May

HT Holden released with increased power 186 engine. All-synchromesh 3-speed manual transmission standard. Range of V8 engines available on all models.

1969 August 25

Holden’s most powerful car released - the Monaro GTS 350.

1969 September

‘White Hot Holden’ limited edition Kingswood sedan released. The first of many ‘marketing specials’, 253 V8 was standard. 3,382 units produced.

1969 October 5

Monaro GTS 350 wins Hardie-Ferodo 500.

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