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The Body Number is stamped or embossed into a Holden Body Identification plate which in turn is riveted to the bodyshell – on the firewall up to mid-July 1968, and from then onto the adjacent cowl top panel. The particulars included on this plate were of relevance for correspondence with the manufacturer.


The PSN and VIN were also stamped or embossed into a plate. The PSN plate was attached to the firewall with screws. The VIN plate was riveted to the cowl top panel.


The Vehicle Serial Number was stamped into the vehicle proper except for the period when the pillar plate was used (December 1950 - August 1953) – either on a welded tab or directly into the sheetmetal. Unlike the plates used for the other identifiers, the Vehicle Serial Number (or Chassis Number) was not removable and as such was used for correspondence purposes outside of the manufacturer, such as registration.


GM-H only used the particulars stamped onto either the Body ID plate or the PSN/VIN plates for vehicle archive/master listing purposes. The numbers presented on these plates can assist in locating a Holden in the factory archival material even when a specific number or code is ‘missing’ from the vehicle for whatever reason.

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