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We are all about the preservation of the Holden car in both the historical and automotive sense. To this end, a Vehicle Production Report (VPR) on your Holden using the factory production reporting data may be available for purchase. The exclusive HHS document is just like a Birth Certificate detailing all relevant information pertaining to your Holden up to the point where it was sold as a new car and the factory warranty commenced.


HHS has acquired production data as part of an ongoing project over a period stretching across several decades. In time, HHS intends to offer the VPR service for every Holden built.


At the present time, HQ through HZ Holden have been sorted and reports from this period are available for immediate purchase. If you like, we are starting at the end and working backwards with this service. If your Holden is currently in the HHS Vehicle Master Listing archive, then a VPR is just a click/touch away. One Line and pre-HQ Holdens are not yet catered for, however a Vehicle Guide may be available.


This service is available to anyone who is interested and can provide the necessary details. It is not a requirement that you own the vehicle. It may be for a vehicle that you are interested in purchasing, or it may be for a sentimental or special Holden that you owned many years ago.


We require all details as appearing on all ID plates as well as any identification in the vehicle bodyshell before a VPR can be generated. This important step is necessary to ensure that both parties are on the same page in terms of the subject vehicle in question. It is also a security checking mechanism that allows confirmation that the subject vehicle was built by the company proper in one of their assembly plants and not elsewhere. We want to make sure that you obtain the VPR for the Holden you are seeking and not one for another vehicle.


Due to the nature of the vehicle manufacturer (GM-H) documenting the production data, it is possible that for any number of reasons a requested vehicle is not on the Vehicle Master Listing. These situations did and do happen. There is also the ‘human element’ aspect where an entry may contain a ‘glitch’ in the data archived. This may be in the form of an incorrect code or number for example. Because the VPR is generated from the actual factory production data, there may be the odd occasion where a variation is noted. In such a case, this shall be highlighted and an explanation provided regarding the impact on the VPR.


The HHS VPR is priced at AUD$99.00 and includes registered mail delivery.


Details included on your Holden Historical Services VPR.
  • Factory assigned identification numbers.

  • Build completion date (Production date).

  • Engine and transmission serial numbers (when recorded).

  • Mechanical build configuration.

  • Selling and Warranty start dates.

  • Credited selling dealer (when recorded).


An auto-reply will be sent to confirm your request.

An auto-reply will be sent to confirm your request.

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