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At Holden Historical Services we value the integrity of your personal information first and foremost. It has and always will be our policy to maintain anonymity of the intimate identification particulars of any and all Holden vehicles either alive or deceased.


Holden Historical Services does not determine whether an enquiry is from a collection of production numbers or from a complete motor vehicle. Only the person in possession of such identification particulars potentially knows the status of the subject Holden that was once originally manufactured in a General Motors-Holden’s (GM-H) assembly plant.


If you provide personal information through participation in any activity or service offered by Holden Historical Services including but not limited to Vehicle Production Reports or individual vehicle searches, this information will only be used by us to provide the products or services requested by you.


Holden Historical Services does not provide personal information to third parties for any purpose. If during the course of an enquiry a significant ‘find’ is realised, the decision to broadcast or share this fact remains with the enquirer. Holden Historical Services can reveal only the as-built nature of such Holdens, and not any subsequent history attached to such a significant vehicle. Holden Historical Services does not possess a database in any configuration that identifies the geographical location either current or past of a Holden car’s identification numbers.


You are welcome to discuss any aspects of our Privacy Policy by contacting us here…


© All Holden images copyright GM Corp except where copyright held by individuals. Further details available on request.

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