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The appearance of your Holden Historical Services VPR takes inspiration from the brochures, advertising and owners manuals of Holden's past. Your VPR features a deliberate vintage patina, endowing it with an air of authenticity and credibility, as well as portraying a feel of undoubted quality.


The inclusion of a printed rich red leather header, a five star 'HHS seal of authenticity' graphic, individual numbering and the 'racing stripe' ribbon under the seal all add a quality feel to the document. A holographic foil has been utilised to deter counterfeits and serve as a reminder that your Holden's VPR is original and authentic.

Your Holden Historical Services VPR is the genuine article, a quality item with the most accurate information collated by people with passion. Your VPR is designed to be framed and hung prominently on the man cave wall, or proudly displayed with your Holden at shows.


Details of your Holden Historical Services VPR.
  • An HHS VPR contains only information pertaining to a specific Holden. It does not contain any reference to
    the person requesting the report and extends to no name and/or address appearing on the VPR.
    Personal information supplied will only be used to enable us to provide the product/s requested.

  • More than one HHS VPR can be requested on the one vehicle.

  • The HHS VPR incorporates anti-piracy protection ensuring a unique product.

  • The HHS VPR is 200gsm acid-free archive grade stock featuring a holographic foil.
    It is not a laser printer output document. The life is more than 100 years when stored correctly.

  • The processing time for an HHS VPR request is seven (7) business days from confirmation of payment.

  • The HHS VPR is priced at AUD$99.00 and includes registered mail delivery.

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